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Terms and conditions of use


1.1. These General conditions apply between online store Customers (hereinafter the Customer) and the Company AM Secrets Ltd. (hereinafter AM Secrets), legal relations arising from the purchase of goods.

1.2. These General conditions cannot be in conflict with legislation of the Republic of Estonia and made in accordance with these laws. Estonian laws will be used in the case of any dispute that is not regulated by these General Conditions.

1.3 In addition to these general conditions governing the relations between Customer and the AM Secrets, relations are also regulated by the established best practices, product price list and purchase information.

1.4. AM Secrets reserves the right to change the price of products or change and modify these General terms and conditions for better efficiency, competitiveness, further development and upgrading the assortment of goods or for the purpose of reorganization. Terms and conditions and prices changes will take effect immediately from the moment when the information appears on online store If the Customer made the order before changes were published, order will be processed basing on previously valid terms, unless the law or legal rules prescribe otherwise.

1.5. By ordering products from AM Secrets online store and making payment for ordered products, Customer accepts and confirms understanding of these General terms and conditions and agree to them.


2.1. All product prices provided on online store are shown in Euros, do not include shipping costs and does include state taxes.

2.2. Delivery of the products to the Customer is depending on the mode of delivery. Products shipping costs are given in online store - section Buying information.

2.3. Shipping prices and products prices together with VAT and possible discount rate will be also provided in the invoice.

2.4. AM Secrets reserves the right to adjust the prices. If Customer has made the order before changes were published, her/his order will be processed based on previously valid prices, unless the law or legal rules prescribe otherwise, or providing that the order has not been canceled based on the ground mentioned in section 5.1.


3.1. Shopping cart content is created and updated at the moment when Customer clicks on the “Add to cart” button. Adding products to shopping cart does not oblige Customer to purchase the products. Customer has the right to change the products and/or quantities of products added to shopping cart, or remove them from the shopping cart if necessary.

3.2. Before checkout procedure is not finished and confirmed, products which are added to the Shopping cart remain available for ordering also for the other online store Customers (when selling the products from the stock).

3.3. During the checkout and confirmation procedure Customer selects suitable shipping method and verifies that Billing and Shipping addresses are correct. Delivery time and accuracy directly depends on the correctness of provided addresses. After clicking on "Submit Order", order confirmation letter will be sent to the Customer e-mail together with attached invoice. Customer must verify and check information which is provided in the invoice and after that pay for the order using one of available payment terms. In Estonia national transfers could be done through the convenient Bank Link’s - a pre-filled payment which already has all the necessary information.

3.4. By confirming the order, Customer takes the obligation to pay for a product or products.


4.1. After Customer have selected shipping method, agreed with General Conditions and sent the order Confirmation, the products are delivered to the address given by the Customer, or the desired parcel terminal.

4.2. The Customers can choose from three different modes of delivery:
• Omniva parcel machines - 3 EUR;
• ELS courier service within Estonia - 6 EUR;
• International standard package - 30 up to EUR

4.3. If delivery address has changed or provided incorrectly, Customer must notify AM Secrets about it as quickly as possible and provide the correct address on e-mail If order was already shipped to incorrectly provided address, then change of the destination is no longer possible and AM Secrets is not responsible for possible loss of parcel.

4.4. Delivery time and accuracy of delivery of the goods to the Customer, directly depends on the correctness of provided addresses and Customer personal information. AM Secrets is not responsible for any delays and misunderstandings caused by incorrectly provided addresses or contact information by Customer

4.5 In case of home delivery, Customer must take all possible steps to receive the order based on local postal agency rules. AM Secrets and Estonian Post are not responsible for any delays and misunderstandings if Customer is not following local postal agency rules for parcel receiving.


5.1. AM Secrets reservesS the right to cancel the order if Customer have not paid for the order using one of available payment terms within one working day after the invoice is issued. Prior to the order cancellation Customer will receive written payment reminder by e-mail.

5.2. If the ordered product does not fit or do not meet Customer expectations, Customer has the right to return the product within 14 days from the date of receiving the product. Customer can change the product to another product, or receive back money. If Customer would like to return the product, she/he has to inform AM Secrets about it immediately by e-mail using standard form Declaration of withdrawal from the homepage (see menu "Right of withdrawal").

5.3. The Customer must return the products to AM Secrets no later than 14 days after making a declaration of withdrawal (Estonian Law of Obligations § 56 section 3). The Customer pays for the costs of returning the products. If Customer would like to replace the product for a different size or for a different product, Customer has to compensate only the returning costs and the difference to the new product price. If new product price is less than previous, then first will be deducted the postal costs and after that AM Secrets will make the refund. For the first change of the product, AM Secrets will pay for new shipment. If Customer would like to change the same item again, Customer already has to cover the both shipment costs.

5.4. If Customer wants to receive back the money for the returned product, AM Secrets will make the transfer to Customer bank account no later than 30 days (LOA § 56 section 3). Money will be transferred to Customer account only in a case when AM Secrets have received back the returned unharmed products. In case of the refund, the cost of returning the goods has to be covered by Customer. The money will be returned to the same bank account that Customer has used to pay for the goods.

5.5. Demands for a product if Customer wants to exchange/return the product:
• The product must not be used
• The product labels must not be taken away
• The product must be in its original packaging, which must not be damaged
• The product must not be dirty
• The product must not have any odors
• The product must not be washed

In case the returned item does not meet any of the above mentioned criteria, AM Secrets has a right not accept it.

5.6. Due to hygienic reasons, AM Secrets is not refunding underwear (we don't exchange and we don't do the refund) (lingerie sets, bras, briefs, high briefs, thongs, boxer briefs, corsets) and stockings (including nobodies and kits) when the package is opened (LOA § 56 section 3).

5.7. If the products arrived to Customer with the defects which was not possible to detect on external examination and Customer has opened the package correctly and product damage were not caused by incorrect opening of the package, or if the products that arrived to Customer are not what was ordered, AM Secrets kindly asks immediately to inform us about it by e-mail.

5.8. Customer feedback can be submitted in free form, but be sure to indicate Customer name and contact information. Please also write complaint date, refer to the document certifying the completion of the transaction, the nature of the complaint (defect occurring on the product) and Customers desirable solution.

5.9. AM Secrets corresponds to the complaint in writing within 15 days.

5.10. Products which Customer returns must be not used and contain all labels and stickers and packed in original package. New merchandise will arrive to Customer in 14 days after previous order is returned to AM Secrets warehouse. If the defect is technological nature, AM Secrets first offers a product improvement, or if improvement is not possible, then replacement or refund.

5.11. If the returned product is damaged by negligence, improper use, or by inaccurate package opening by the Customer, AM Secrets reserves the right not to replace/refund the product.


6.1. AM Secrets is liable for caused damage to the Customer, if violating these Terms and conditions of the online store, which shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

6.2. The Customer is liable for caused damage to the AM Secrets, if violating these Terms and conditions of the online store, which shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

6.3. Neither party is liable to the other party for its behavior, nor are these Terms and conditions considered to be violated, in cases when any non performances took place under the Force Majeure.

6.4. AM Secrets will not compensate for any moral damage to the Customer, which may be caused by the change of delivery times, prices and other Terms and conditions.


7.1. AM Secrets is guaranteeing the full protection of the Customer personal information and uses it only for the purpose of order processing. AM Secrets does not disclose this information to the third parties, except Estonian Postal Service for deliveries, or in cases prescribed by law.

7.2. AM Secrets reserves the right to send Customers information about new products and special offers in those cases when Customer has subscribed for the online store newsletter. Customer has the right to request deletion his/hers personal data from online store database.

7.3. All the graphics and texts in online store are protected by copyright and their unauthorized use, copying or printing is strictly prohibited.

7.4. In the circumstances when specific questions or issues arise, that are not specified in these Terms and conditions, AM Secrets and Customer will follow the laws and regulations or other applicable and valid acts of the Republic of Estonia.

7.5. Customer and AM Secrets have hereby agreed to resolve any disagreements and disputes first by the means of mutual negotiations. If disputes can not be settled by negotiations, Customer as well as AM Secrets have the right to forward all disputes to the Estonian Consumer Protection Board or to the Court.


8.1. To these AM Secrets OÜ e-shop ordering conditions and purchase contracts, Estonian laws applies. If any provision of order conditions or sales agreements are invalid, this shall not affect the remaining provisions of the ordering conditions or the validity of the contract of sale. Invalid or inadmissible provision shall be replaced by the lawful provision, that shall be legally and economically closest to the purpose of the invalid or inadmissible provision.

8.2. AM Secrets OÜ ( legal registration address is Riga str. 50, 80019 Pärnu, Estonia (please note that there is no store there).
All questions or suggestions to AM Secrets please send to e-mail: